AP 227 – Enhancing Multi-Channel Retail Quality through Cross-Channel Services

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Cross-Channel retail services as a means to extent retailer service offerings and to enhance retail quality.

Autoren: Katharina Kurze, Manfred Kirchgeorg



• Evaluate the concepts of retail services and retail quality in a multi-channel setting.
• Describe the role of retail services within the broader context of the customer experience.
• Derive the concept of cross-channel retail services from marketing and service quality research.
• Evaluate the potential impact of cross-channel services on retail quality.


• Retail quality depends upon and is limited by characteristics of the respective retail channel.
• Cross-channel retail services can be used to overcome limits of a specific retail channel.
• It can be assumed that cross-channel retail services can serve as a means to enhance perceived retail quality.
• There is a need for further empirical analysis on the impact of cross-channel retail services on retail quality.


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